The ndir command is a legacy MS-DOS utility that allows you to view file attributes and compression information for all files in a directory. NDIR requires the NetWare Core Protocolâ„¢ (NCP) protocol, so if you are using the command for NSS volumes on Linux, NCP Server must be configured and running.

NDIR is a client-side application, not a server-side application. Install the Novell Client for Windows on your workstation, then use the Novell Map Network Drive option in the client menu to map a local drive letter to the volume or directory. Open a DOS Command Prompt window, go to the mapped drive, then issue the ndir command from the command line.

B.12.1 Syntax

At the MS-DOS command prompt on your Windows workstation, navigate to the mapped drive for the NSS volume, then enter

ndir path /option

The path is optional if you want the information for all directories in the mapped drive.

Help Options

Help Option


ndir /?

Displays a list of help options.

ndir /? for

Displays help on display format.

ndir /? sort

Displays help on sorting features.

ndir /? res

Displays help on search filters (restrictions).

ndir /? at

Displays help on attribute filters.

ndir /? opt

Displays help on other options.

ndir /? syn

Displays help on syntax.

ndir /? all

Displays all help screens.

Compression and File Attributes Options



ndir path /R 

Displays the trustee rights, inherited rights filter, and file attributes for all files in the specified volume or directory.

ndir path /COMP

Displays the compression information for all files in the specified volume or directory. It shows the amount of disk space saved by compressing data.

ndir path /COMP /VOL

Displays the compression information for the specified volume or directory. It also shows the disk space saved on the volume.


C:\>ndir z: /comp /vol
Statistics for fixed volume <servername/vol>:
Space statistics are in KB (1024 bytes).
Total volume space:                           4,027,620  100.00%
Space used by 50,548 entries:                 1,134,036   28.16%
Deleted space not yet purgeable:                      0    0.00%
                                          ------------- --------
Space remaining on volume:                    2,893,584   71.84%
Space available to <username>:                2,893,584   71.84%
Maximum directory entries:                2,147,483,647
Available directory entries:              2,147,433,099  100.00%
Space used if files were not compressed:              0
Space used by compressed files:                       0
Space saved by compressing files:                     0    0.00%
Uncompressed space used:                      2,069,352
Name spaces loaded: MAC, NFS, OS/2