A.8 Data Shredding Commands

nss /(No)DataShredding=volumename:count

Enables or disables the Data Shredding attribute for the specified volume. Specify the number of times you want to shred data.

Data shredding overwrites purged files with bit patterns up to seven times. Unless you must use this feature for security reasons, it should be disabled, because data shredding consumes a great deal of disk I/O bandwidth.

Default: 1

Range: 1 to 7, where 0 indicates no shredding


To enable data shredding on a volume VOL1 where the purged files are overwritten 7 times, enter

nss /DataShredding=VOL1:7

To disable data shredding for a volume VOL1, enter

nss /NoDataShredding=VOL1