2.6 Configuring Multiple Instances of MYSQL Server on NetWare

MySQL IP Address management framework can now handle multiple instances of MySQL servers configured on a NetWare Server. If you have more than one instance of MySQL server running on your NetWare server, you can configure each one of them by doing the following steps.

  1. Include the following lines in the sys:\system\ipconf\mysql\pullcfg.ncf file

    delay 2

    perl --noscreen sys:\system\ipconf\mysql\mysql_pull.pl Path_to_Cnf sys:\system\ipconf\mysql\appconf.xml

  2. Include the following lines in the sys:\system\ipconf\mysql\pushcfg.ncf file

    delay 2

    perl --noscreen sys:\system\ipconf\mysql\mysql_push.pl Path_to_Cnf sys:\system\ipconf\mysql\appconf.xml

    where Path_to_Cnf is the absolute path to the my.cnf configuration file