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Getting Results with Novell Web Servers and Tools

As an integral part of NetWare® 6, several Web products combine to make Novell's One Net vision a reality by providing the enabling Web technologies for many of Novell's Net services.

These key Web components include

What's in This Documentation?

This documentation briefly describes each of the components listed above and includes some additional information about NetWare 6 and the underlying Web infrastructure. This book includes documentation for

Documentation Conventions

In this documentation, a greater-than symbol (>) is used to separate actions within a step and items in a cross-reference path.

Also, a trademark symbol (®, TM, etc.) denotes a Novell trademark. An asterisk (*) denotes a third-party trademark.

Path References

By default, the NetWare Web Search Server is installed to the /NSEARCH directory located at the root of your server's volume. However, during installation, you can customize the location where you want Web Search installed.

Because of this, when referring to the root directory where the NetWare Web Search Server is installed, the variable name /searchroot will be used.

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