Installing the NAAS Utility and the Default Configuration Utility

NAAS snap-ins will be installed as part of ConsoleOne snap-ins taken from Client CD. NAAS snap-ins might not be installed if you don't have the latest client CD.

To verify if NAAS snap-ins are installed, click the tree name (or any object in the tree) in the ConsoleOne. NAAS is displayed as one of the menu items in the main menu if NAAS snap-ins are installed.

If NAAS snap-ins have not been installed as part of the ConsoleOne snap-ins, you can alternatively install the NAAS snap-ins by completing the following steps:

  1. Run the n_snapin.exe available in sys:\audit folder.

    This file was copied as part of NAAS components installed on the server.

  2. Enter the path to the ConsoleOne home directory.

    The default path to the ConsoleOne home directory is c:\novell\consoleone\1.2.

  3. Continue with Starting the Pervasive Database Server .