NetWare Server Prerequisites

The NetWare 6 server must meet the following configuration requirements in order to run the Novell Native File Access Protocols software.

HINT:  You can quickly check the server configuration with the NWCONFIG utility. At the server console, enter NWCONFIG and then select Product Options > View/Configure/Remove Installed Products.

  1. Log in to the server running BorderManager.

  2. Run the NetWare Administrator utility (NWADMIN.EXE) located in the PUBLIC\WIN32\ directory.

  3. From the Object menu, click Create > Login Policy > OK.

  4. (Conditional) If the server running BorderManager does not have a local NDS® replica, complete the following:

    1. From NetWare Administrator, select the Security container and the LPO.

    2. Click Trustees of This Object > Add Trustee.

    3. Select the Server object of the server running BorderManager.

    4. Deselect all Object rights.

    5. Click Selected Properties > SAS: Policy Credentials.

    6. From Property Rights, click Read/Write > OK.