Working with UNIX Machines

Novell® Native File Access for UNIX* provides an NFS Server that lets UNIX workstations access and store files on NetWare® servers. It is an implementation of the Network File System (NFS) protocol. The required software components are installed and run only on the NetWare servers; no additional software is required on the UNIX workstations. UNIX users attach to NetWare storage using NFS over the TCP/IP protocol. They can mount the exported network storage and use it as their own file system.

The traditional NetWare file system is supported only on NFS version 2. The NSS file system, however, is supported on NFS versions 2 and 3. NFS Server provides mount protocol versions 1, 2, and 3 over UDP. The NFS Server supports NFS protocol versions 2 and 3 on UDP and TCP.

Native File Access for UNIX also provides a complete Novell eDirectoryTM- enabled Network Information Services (NIS) with which UNIX and NetWare users can be administered from a single point, namely eDirectory. NIS maintains its information in eDirectory and integrates the user information so that the eDirectory User object also represents the NIS user.