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Novell Distributed Print Services Administration Guide

Novell® Distributed Print ServicesTM (NDPS®) offers improvements over Novell's legacy queue-based print service architecture. NDPS was designed to handle the increased complexity of managing modern printers in a network environment and to exploit the new functionality offered by these printers. The power and versatility of NDPS will help you get the most out of your printing resources, whether you're in a small workgroup or an enterprise-wide system.

NDPS works in conjuction with iPrint to allow true location-based printing. With iPrint, users use their Web browser to locate and install printers and their print drivers on their workstations. NDPS provides the infrastructure to move the print jobs between the workstations and the printers.

NDPS is fully compatible with your existing queue-based printing resources, which means that you can make the transition from your legacy printing setup gradually.

For more information about migrating your queue-based system to NDPS, see the Planning the Migration to Novell Distributed Print Services.

The following information will assist you in understanding and setting up NDPS:

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