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NetWare Link Services Protocol Migration


This documentation provides the information you need to implement NetWare Link Services ProtocolTM (NLSPTM ) software in a Novell Internetwork Packet ExchangeTM (IPXTM ) internetwork. Implementing NLSP in a RIP-based IPX internetwork, a process known as migration, involves adding NLSP link state routing functionality to NetWare servers and dedicated routers. In most cases, NLSP can eventually replace the Routing Information Protocol (RIP), the routing protocol that NetWare has traditionally used to carry out network-level operations.

This documentation is written for network managers, administrators, and consultants responsible for planning, installing, and managing an IPX internetwork.

Documentation Conventions

In this documentation, a greater-than symbol (>) is used to separate actions within a step and items in a cross-reference path.

Also, a trademark symbol (®, TM, etc.) denotes a Novell trademark. An asterisk (*) denotes a third-party trademark.

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