The following table describes some problems you might experience with Novell® Storage ServicesTM (NSS) and provides suggestions for solving the problems.

For additional troubleshooting information, see the Novell Knowledgebase.

Problem Explanation Solution

NSS does not recognize a Device

NSS recognizes only what the Media Manager recognizes.

For this release, NSS recognizes only hard drives and CD ROMs.

NSS does not let you create a storage pool or logical volume

  • Your server might not have enough free space to create more storage pools or logical volumes.

  • All logical volumes must be part of a storage pool.
  • NSS might not own the free space you want to use for a storage pool.

  • Ensure you have enough free space to create another storage pool or logical volume. See View Partitioned Free Space .
  • Before you create a logical volume, create a storage pool.
  • Create an NSS partition for your storage pools and logical volumes.

Cannot configure a logical volume

NSS might not own enough free space for another logical volume.

  • Add another storage device.
  • Delete a logical or traditional volume to free up space for a storage pool.

Cannot compress a file

You must choose the file compression option when you create a logical volume.

Apply the file compression option to an existing logical volume:

From ConsoleOne, click Media > NSS Logical Volumes > Properties > Attributes > NSS Attributes. Then select compression.

Cannot see your volumes or devices associated with those volumes

You might not have the appropriate multipath drivers that support the multipath functionality.

Turn off multipath support.

For further instructions, see Using Multipath Support .