Other Installation Options

The following advanced options can help you upgrade or install NetWare® servers.

Using NetWare Accelerated Upgrade

You can run NetWare Accelerated Upgrade from a Windows* client workstation, so that you don't need to be physically present at the server console. Although NetWare Accelerated Upgrade is quicker than the standard installation process, it does not install additional network products, licensing services, or license certificates.

See Using NetWare Accelerated Upgrade .

Automating the NetWare Installation with a Response File

Installing the NetWare operating system software can be easier and more flexible when you use a response file. When used with the graphical server installation, a response file lets you

A response file is a text file containing sections and keys (similar to a Windows .INI file). You can create a response file using any ASCII text editor. If you use a response file, the NetWare server installation reads the installation parameters directly from the response file, replacing the default installation values with response file values.

See Automating the NetWare Installation with a Response File .

Using Installation Scripts for NetWare Installation

NetWare installation scripts let you

See Installation Scripts for NetWare .

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