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Before the Installation or Upgrade

Upgrading with NetWare Accelerated Upgrade

Do not use NetWare Accelerated Upgrade to upgrade the first server in the tree to NetWare 6---you must use the NetWare 6 installation program. After you upgrade or install the first NetWare 6 server using the installation program, you can then use NetWare Accelerated Upgrade to upgrade other servers in the tree.

NetWare Accelerated Upgrade is intended for use by network administrators who are skilled at troubleshooting and installing NetWare networks.

Upgrading NetWare 5 Servers with NDS 7 and NSS Volumes

A NetWare 5 server with NDS® 7 and NSS volumes is inaccessible after completing the Prepare a Server with NDS 7 and NSS step in NetWare Deployment Manager. For this reason, complete this step just before you upgrade to NetWare 6.

Update NetWare 5 Servers Running NMAS before Installing Novell Native File Access Protocols

Before installing Novell® Native File Access Protocols (as part of the NetWare 6 installation or otherwise), all NetWare 5 and NetWare 5.1 servers (in the tree) running NMAS must be updated to NMASTM 2.0.1, NICI 2.0.1, and ConsoleOneTM 1.3.2.

NMAS 2.0.1, NICI 2.0.1, and ConsoleOne 1.3.2 updates and instructions are available at

NetWare 4.11 Upgrades

NetWare 4.11 requires that Support Pack 8 or later be installed before upgrading. The requirement was accidentally omitted from the Upgrade to NetWare 6 > Meet System and Software Requirements section of the printed NetWare 6 Overview and Installation manual.

Mixed NDS Environments and Synchronization -628 Errors

If your network includes servers running NetWare 5 with NDS eDirectoryTM 8.5 (Build 85.00), NetWare 5 with NDS eDirectory servers in the same replica ring with NetWare 4 servers, or NetWare 5 with NDS 7 servers, you must update NDS before installing a NetWare 6 server. (You must also complete the Network Preparation tasks in NetWare Deployment Manager.)

If you do not update NDS, -628 errors will occur during synchronization. For information on updating NDS to the proper version number, see

NDS updates are available on the Novell Support Web site.

Prepare the Schema before Upgrading or Installing

Before you install or upgrade to NetWare 6 on an existing network, make sure to complete all relevant steps in the "Network Preparation" section of NetWare Deployment Manager and specifically complete Step 3: Prepare for NDS eDirectory 8.6. This step identifies and updates a server on the network that holds the Master or Read/Write replica of the Root of the tree.

NetWare Deployment Manager (NWDEPLOY.EXE) runs on a Windows workstation and is located on the NetWare Operating System CD.

For complete instructions on preparing the network, see the NetWare 6 Overview and Installation Guide.

Video Driver for NetWare Deployment Manager on Windows 2000

NetWare Deployment Manager might not run on Windows 2000 computers with the Matrox G400 video driver. To fix the problem, download and install the latest video driver from Matrox (

Using a Compaq ML530 Computer

NetWare 6 will not install on the Compaq* ML530 computer unless the ML530 ROM has been flashed (updated) using Compaq's SmartStart 5.1 or later. The ROM flash utility from Compaq's SmartStart 5.0 or earlier is not sufficient. If the ROM is not updated, the NetWare 6 installation might hang while configuring IP addresses.

Accelerated Upgrade: Removing Unsupported LAN Drivers

To avoid any problems, upgrade your LAN drivers before using NetWare Accelerated Upgrade to upgrade your server to NetWare 6.

If you did not select the Auto-detect Computer Hardware after Rebooting option, NetWare Accelerated Upgrade will not automatically update any old LAN drivers and you might not be able to connect to your server. To correct this problem, unload or remove any unsupported drivers and then load the corresponding supported NetWare 6 drivers. After the upgrade is finished, modify the AUTOEXEC.NCF file to reflect any name changes.

If you did not upgrade your LAN drivers before upgrading to NetWare 6 and you have old hardware, select the Auto-detect Computer Hardware after Rebooting option. If you do this, NetWare Accelerated Upgrade automatically replaces any old LAN drivers with NetWare 6 LAN drivers.

NOTE:  Some LAN driver hardware is no longer supported on NetWare 6.

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