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After the Installation or Upgrade

Missing Device Drivers

The server installation program copies to a startup directory (C:\NWSERVER) only drivers (such as HAMs, CDMs and PSMs) for devices that were auto-detected during the installation process. If you attempt to load a HAM, CDM, or PSM that was not auto-detected during installation and it fails to load, copy the appropriate driver from the C:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS directory to the C:\NWSERVER directory and then load the driver again.

Status of Old LAN and WAN Files

After an upgrade to NetWare 6, old LAN and WAN files will not be deleted. These old files might not be supported in a NetWare 6 environment.

To Speed Up the Post-Installation Utility

If performance of the post-installation utility and other Java* applications is slow, then change the VM Cache Pool Percentage SET parameter by entering the following command at the server console:


Performance of the post-installation program and some Java applications is significantly improved with this change. The changes are saved by the operating system and remain even if the server is rebooted.

Update SMS Components

A new release of Storage Management Services (SMS) is available at the Novell Support Web site. This release contains important fixes to the SMS components delivered with NetWare 6.

The fixes ensure compatibility between earlier versions of NetWare and the NetWare 6 SMS modules. In addition, the patch includes updates to SMS components (including SMDR and TSA), which have made the product more stable and robust.

To maintain backup and restore services on NetWare 6 and your network, you must install the patch. The patch will supersede the SMS modules installed by default during the NetWare 6 installation.

For more information, see the Readme included with the patch.

Agent Installation for GroupWise 6 Replaces LDAP Files Needed by iFolder

The Agent Installation program for GroupWise® 6 lets you overwrite LDAP modules that consequently disable iFolder running on NetWare 6. To avoid this problem, select No when prompted to overwrite the LDAP modules during GroupWise Agent Installation. The LDAP module includes:

If these files are overwritten (by selecting Yes), you must manually copy the files from the NetWare 6 Operating System CD before iFolder will run on NetWare 6.

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