Setting Up

If you want to migrate from your existing IPX-based network to a NetWare® 6 pure IP-based network, you should first read the Planning section. It discusses Compatibility Mode Drivers (CMD) and Migration Agents (MA), the building blocks needed to successfully migrate an IPXTM network to NetWare 6 and pure IP.

Also discussed in the Planning section are the NetWare 6 server and client installation options. You can install using IP only, IPX only, or IP and IPX.

The following section describes network scenarios that use the building blocks discussed in Planning. Existing networks will likely be a subset or superset of the examples presented. Regardless, once you understand how the building blocks work together, you should be able to architect your own migration strategy based on your unique network topology.

To install or upgrade a NetWare Server, see NetWare 6 Installation Guide.

To upgrade an existing server using IP only, see Migrating IPX to IP .