Resetting Network Boards

WARNING:  Resetting a network board stops whatever work the board is doing and resets it to a clean state.

Network boards will reset themselves automatically if something goes wrong. About one reset a day is normal. A great number of resets, such as one reset a minute, usually indicates a hardware problem.

Resets are included in the LAN statistics displayed in MONITOR.

Sometimes it is useful to reset a board manually if you suspect a problem with the hardware. Resetting the network board also resets the logical boards associated with the network board. (But resetting the logical board does not reset the network board). Use the following procedure to reset a board.

  1. Determine the filename and the instance number for the board you want to reset.

    The filename is the name of the LAN driver, such as ne2000.lan.

    The board instance number is the number of the board if there is more than one board of the same type installed in the server. If there is only one instance of the board, you do not need the board instance number.

    1. At the server console prompt, load MONITOR.

    2. Select LAN/WAN Drivers and highlight the desired LAN driver.

      A screen displays the instance numbers and other data for boards associated with the driver. Note the instance number for the board you want to remove.

  2. Enter the following at the server console prompt:

    RESET NETWORK ADAPTER filename, [board_instance_number]

    Include the board instance number only if there are multiple instances of the same adapter in the server.