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Use REBUILD to recover corrupted Novell® Storage ServicesTM (NSS) volumes. The REBUILD utility salvages the data it finds on your corrupted NSS volume and recovers it.

NetWare® users may be used to using VREPAIR to repair and rebuild NetWare volumes. VREPAIR still works for traditional NetWare volumes, but it does not work on NSS volumes. For NSS, you must use REBUILD.

Rebuild verifies and uses the existing leaves of an object tree to rebuild all the other trees in the system. The NSS volumes that are verified and rebuilt are placed in maintenance mode. This means the NSS volumes are unusable until this process is finished, and the volume is remounted.

After running REBUILD, you must run the VERIFY utility. VERIFY accounts for all blocks in the system. If errors are found, they are reported to the screen, and the NSS volume is left in maintenance mode. Run REBUILD again until no errors are found. If errors are not found, the volume is placed back in the active state. You may have to mount the volume.

NOTE:  This utility only protects against system failures, not hardware failures.

Starting and Using REBUILD

Use REBUILD either in the NSS Administration utility or at the command line.

NOTE:  Always back up your data. If an NSS volume exists on several hard disks and one of the hard disks becomes corrupted, you must create a new NSS volume or restore your old NSS volume from backup.

Rebuild NSS Volumes Using the NSS Administration Menus

To rebuild NSS volumes, do the following.

  1. Load NSS.

  2. Open the NSS Administration menus, by entering

    nss /me

  3. Select Utilities > Rebuild NSS Volume.

  4. Select the volume to rebuild.

  5. Return to Utilities at the main menu and select Verify NSS Volume to check your volume's integrity.

Rebuild NSS Volumes Using the Server Console

To rebuild NSS volumes at the server console, do the following.

  1. Load NSS.

  2. Rebuild your NSS volume.

    Select one of the following options:

    • To rebuild a single volume, specifying the name, enter

      nss /rebuild=NSS volume_name

      The volume you specify will be rebuilt.

    • To rebuild a single volume by selecting from a list of volume names, enter

      nss /rebuild

      A list of volumes appears. Select the preferred volume. You must enter this command for each volume you want to rebuild.

    • To rebuild more than one NSS volume at a time, enter

      nss /rebuild=NSS volume_name, NSS volume_name

      A process runs for each volume up to five NSS volumes.

  3. Check the output screen.

    This screen indicates the time elapsed, the time remaining, the total elapsed time, the number of objects processed, etc.

  4. Verify your rebuilt NSS volume, by entering

    nss /verify=[NSS volume_name]

    If you don't enter the NSS volume name parameter, you will be prompted to select it.

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