Source:  eDirectory or NDS operating system

Explanation:  The server does not have sufficient disk space.

Possible Cause:  Disk space volume limit was set too low.

Action:  Change or remove the limit.

Possible Cause:  If a DSREPAIR operation is attempted on a server that does not have a license to write the DSREPAIR log to a file server, the space available that is returned to the write function is zero; therefore, the insufficient space message is returned.

Action:  Make sure the server has a license for running eDirectory or NDS operations on the server.

Possible Cause:  No disk space is available.

Action:  Add disk space.

Possible Cause:  The user did not have the appropriate rights to access the disk.

Action:  If appropriate, make sure the user has the necessary rights for accessing the disk.

Possible Cause:  An internal eDirectory or NDS auditing error occurred.

Action:  Contact a Novell Support Provider.