Source:  eDirectory or NDS operating system

Explanation:  The data to be passed back is too large for the buffer that was declared.

Warning: Applying all solutions mentioned in this topic could make the problem worse if the actual cause of the problem is not known. Before following a course of action, make sure that you understand the cause of the error and the consequences for the actions suggested.

Possible Cause:  An occurrence of this error can indicate that the eDirectory or NDS server has insufficient IPXTM sockets available.

Action:  Increase the maximum number of open IPX sockets allowed by the operating system.

Possible Cause:  An internal eDirectory or NDS error occurred.

Action:  Contact a Novell Support Provider.

Possible Cause:  If this error occurs in response to an attempt to bind multiple LAN cards, the cause could be that the license does not allow it or it is not installed.

Action:  Make sure the license to the server is installed and allows the number of connections desired.

Possible Cause:  This error can occur when you are attempting to bind multiple LAN cards and the product being used is the NetWare Connect product that ships with intraNetWare for Small Business (IWSB). In this case, the problem will prevent binding IPX to a physical LAN card and NetWare Connect's PPPRNS service.

Action:  If the product being used has one of the following serial numbers, get and apply the patch iwsbp1.exe that is available from Novell Technical Support.

The serial numbers are in the following ranges: