Source:  eDirectory or NDS Client

Explanation:  The context could not be created.

Possible Cause:  This error occurs

Action:  Make sure the Unicode files are loaded.

If you are using NDS Manager, do the following actions in order:

  1. Close some of your NDS Manager windows and retry the operation.

  2. If you are using Window 3.x, and the first action does not work, close any unnecessary applications and retry the operation.

  3. If step 1 or 2 does not work, shut down the workstation and bring it back up.

Possible Cause:  If error -328 occurred during an eDirectory or NDS operation when loading unistart after upgrading to NetWare 5.1, the user is attempting to load an FTP server with an old utility. Unistart is no longer used to load the FTP Server.

Action:  When using NetWare 5.1, use load nwftpd to start the FTP Server and administer it through Web Manager.