Source:  eDirectory or NDS Client

Explanation:  The Unicode file could not be found in the defined search algorithm.

The file extension shown in parentheses represents the country code the workstation is using, which is set in config.sys. For example, *.001 is US English. The country code may be different from the one shown here.

In the DOS, Windows, and OS/2* environments, the program searches the following areas for the Unicode files:

The following four files must be in one of these locations of the user's search drive, or this error message is displayed:

Action:  Make sure that these four files are loaded into the public directory and that you have a search drive mapped to public. Then try the operation again. If you have a search drive mapped to public and the files still cannot be found there or in any other locations listed, use the npath utility to determine the Unicode files required for the workstation and their location. If the problem persists, contact a Novell Support Provider.