Source:  eDirectory or NDS

Explanation:  An attempt was made to create, restore, or rename an eDirectory or NDS object when an object with the same distinguished name already exists within the eDirectory or NDS tree.

WARNING:  Applying all solutions mentioned in this topic could make the problem worse if the actual cause of the problem is not known. Before following a course of action, make sure that you understand the cause of the error and the consequences for the actions suggested.

Possible Cause:  This error can occur in response to an eDirectory or NDS or bindery API call during the normal handling of an eDirectory or NDS tree. If the error persists, a program fault in the application being used to create, restore, or rename objects might exist.

Action:  Consider the error temporary unless it persists.

If the error persists, contact the developer of the application.

Possible Cause:  If this error occurs at the server and an attempt has been made to rename the server in the autoexec.ncf, an object with the same name already exists in the same container as the server.

This case is evident if the server name appears with the old name in DSREPAIR and with the new name at the console prompt.

You can also determine whether this is the cause by using DSTRACE and turning on +limber *l to view the error.

set DSTRACE = +limber *l

Action:  Delete or rename the object with the same name. Or shut down the server, and restore the server's original name or give it a new name, and bring the server back up.

Possible Cause:  An attempt was made to add an object at the same level as a preexisting object of the same name but not necessarily the same class.

Action:  Specify a different name for the object being added or rename the existing object.