Source:  eDirectory or NDS

Explanation:  The record structure of the eDirectory or NDS database does not match the structure expected by the version of eDirectory or NDS (ds.nlm) being used. Therefore, the local database cannot be used.

The record structure of the eDirectory or NDS database is checked when loading eDirectory or NDS (ds.nlm) and during any attempts to abort an eDirectory or NDS activity.

Possible Cause:  The local database is damaged.

Action:  Run DSREPAIR once. If this error persists after running DSREPAIR the first time, contact a Novell Support Provider.

WARNING:   If DSREPAIR is run a second time, the original.old database files will be overwritten and it might not be possible to restore the former Directory Information Base (DIB).

NOTE:  The dsrepair.nlm requires a valid record structure. Resolving record structure problems requires the assistance of Novell technical services.