Source:  eDirectory or NDS

Explanation:  The source server is unable to communicate with the target server. This error is almost always LAN-related.

WARNING:   Applying all solutions mentioned in this topic could make the problem worse if the actual cause of the problem is not known. Before following a course of action, make sure that you understand the cause of the error and the consequences for the actions suggested.

Possible Cause:  The status attribute on the server's object is Down.

Action:  If this is the cause, no action is necessary. eDirectory or NDS will periodically check the status of a server. If the server is found to be unavailable because the server is down or because of a LAN/WAN issue, the status attribute on the objects representing the server will change to Down. When the server is available again, its status attribute will be set to Up.

Possible Cause:  The source server has an incorrect address referral for the target server.

Action:  Try to correct the internal IPX number on the target server.

Possible Cause:  If the error occurs when an attempt to use an existing NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) connection to the target server failed, the target server is down or an issue with the LAN/WAN environment exists.

Possible Cause:  If an application attempted and failed to create a connection to the target server, the target sever is probably down or an issue with the LAN/WAN environment exists.

Possible Cause:  The server is down.

Possible Cause:  The server cannot be found.

Possible Cause:  The name of the server was changed.

Possible Cause:  The server object was moved.

Possible Cause:  A bridge or other physical connection is down between servers.

Possible Cause:  A workstation is trying to communicate with a server that has a databases that is locked by a utility, such as NDS manager, Install Maintenance Mode, or DSREPAIR.

Action:  Check for Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) filtering of the eDirectory or NDS SAP types of 26B and 278. Check cabling, the LAN card, and the LAN driver. Ensure that workstations can connect to the target server through rconsole.

Ensure that the source server can communicate with the target server. To verify whether they are communicating, type display servers on the source server.

Determine whether other servers are returning the -625 error for the same target server.

Ensure that the workstations can attach and log in to the target server from the same segment as the source server.

Flag all servers as Up by typing reset routers, and then setting the set DSTRACE = *u command at the source server. Then retry communicating with the target server.

At a client workstation, view the Partition Continuity screen in NDS manager. If every source has an error on one target, and that target server is unable to connect as a source, check to see whether that server is down or whether its eDirectory or NDS database is locked.

Possible Cause:  The internal IPX number was changed on the target server.

Action:  Try to correct the internal IPX number on the target server.