Source:  eDirectory or NDS

Explanation:  An attempt was made to remove an eDirectory or NDS object that has a subordinate count of nonzero.

WARNING:  Applying all solutions mentioned in this topic could make the problem worse if the actual cause of the problem is not known. Before following a course of action, make sure that you understand the cause of the error and the consequences for the actions suggested.

Possible Cause:  A container object that does not contain any objects is considered a leaf object, and therefore can be deleted. If you attempt to delete a container object that contains an object of any class, the following error will be returned: "The utility can't delete Object Class=Object_name because it is not a leaf object." A container object that is a partition root cannot be deleted.

Action:  Delete all objects under the container object that is being deleted or modified. If the object is a partition root, merge the partition with the parent partition, and then delete the object.

Possible Cause:  A program fault occurred in the application used to remove the object.

Action:  Contact the developer of the application.

Possible Cause:  If this error occurs during an eDirectory or NDS background process, discrepancies might exist between the replicas of a partition.

Action:  Perform a database repair on the target server using DSREPAIR.