Source:  eDirectory or NDS

Explanation:  The specified object has an attribute value that references another eDirectory or NDS Object in the local database. However, the referenced object does not have a Reference attribute indicating the specified object references it.

WARNING:  Applying all solutions mentioned in this topic could make the problem worse if the actual cause of the problem is not known. Before following a course of action, make sure that you understand the cause of the error and the consequences for the actions suggested.

Possible Cause:  An attempt was made to manipulate an eDirectory or NDS objects whose creation timestamp is zero.

Action:  Use DSREPAIR to repair the database of the server holding the master replica of the partition that encompasses the specified object.

Possible Cause:  This error can occur as a reply to an Inspect Entry request.

Possible Cause:  This error can occur when the eDirectory or NDS Flat Cleaner background process is executing (with DSTRACE active and the DSTRACE Inspector flag set). If this is the case, the following message will be displayed:

INSPECTOR: ObjectEntryID, ObjectName, missing reference opposite this value 

Action:  Use DSREPAIR to repair the local database of the server reporting the error.