Source:  eDirectory or NDS

Explanation:  An object exists that has a zero creation timestamp. Zero creation timestamps are not allowed in NetWare 5.

Possible Cause:  A zero creation timestamp was introduced into the directory by a previous version of NetWare or by data corruption.

Action:  Run DSREPAIR on the server that holds the Master replica of the object with a zero creation timestamp.

Action:  If the problem persists after running DSREPAIR, try to find the object that has the zero creation timestamp and delete that object. To find the object, enter the following at the server console:

set DSTRACE=+s

set DSTRACE=+part

set DSTRACE=+misc

set DSTRACE=+j

set DSTRACE=*f

set DSTRACE=*h

Toggle to the Directory Services trace screen and watch for any errors. The object with the zero creation timestamp that is causing the error should be displayed. Delete this object.

Action:  If the problem persists after deleting the object with the zero creation timestamp, check for obituaries that are not being cleared. To do this, load DSREPAIR -a; then select Advanced Options > Check External References. Make note of the type of obituaries listed. (Some types of obituaries are Dead, Backlinked, and Inhibit_move.) If there are obituaries of type Inhibit_move, contact a Novell support provider.

Action:  If the error persists, contact a Novell Support Provider.