Source:  eDirectory

Explanation:  An error has occurred during a search or read operation, and the entry being returned as the result contains partial values. This is a non-fatal error. The client might attempt to retrieve and use the partial results that have been returned.

Possible Cause:  The operation being performed computes the attribute values of an entry dynamically and has encountered an internal error during the computation. This usually means that a search was performed internally across multiple servers and one or more of the servers could not be contacted. Specifically, this error can occur during a listing of dynamicgroup members. When the members of the dynamicgroup are expanded using a search, if the search fails due to some reason, the results that have been obtained are returned as members along with this error code.

Action:  Make sure that the memberquery attribute of the dynamicgroup objects involved are correct and the scope in the attribute covers servers that are contactable.