4.4 Finalizing the Cluster Conversion

After you have converted all nodes in a former NetWare 6.5 SP8 cluster to OES, you must finalize the conversion process by issuing the cluster convert command on one Linux cluster node. The cluster convert command moves cluster resource load and unload scripts from the files where they were stored on Linux cluster nodes to the Cluster Resource objects in eDirectory. This enables a Linux cluster that has been converted from NetWare to utilize eDirectory like the former NetWare cluster.

WARNING:After you finalize the cluster conversion, rollback to NetWare is not supported. All of the scripts for the NetWare nodes are deleted and are no longer available.

To finalize the cluster conversion:

  1. Log in as the root user on one of the Linux cluster nodes, then open a terminal console.

  2. Verify that NetWare nodes are not part of the cluster. At the command prompt, enter

    cluster status

    If there is a NetWare node, remove it as described in Section 4.3, Removing NetWare Nodes from the Cluster.

  3. Verify that every NetWare nodes Node objects and NCS attributes in the Server object are properly removed from eDirectory.

    In iManager, use the Directory Administration role to verify that each former NetWare node’s Cluster Node object was removed and that the NCS attributes were removed from its Server object. See Step 5 in Section 4.3, Removing NetWare Nodes from the Cluster.

  4. Verify the load and unload scripts for the cluster resources that you migrated from NetWare to OES. For each resource, enter the following at the command prompt:

    cluster convert preview resource_name

    The preview switch lets you view the resource load and unload script changes that will be made when the conversion is finalized.

    Replace resource_name with the name of a resource that you want to preview. You can preview the information for all cluster resources by issuing the command without specifying a resource name. You can use the cluster convert preview command at any time before the cluster conversion is finalized.

  5. After you have confirmed the readiness of the cluster to be finalized, run cluster convert commit as the root user at the terminal console of one Linux cluster node to finalize the conversion.

    WARNING:After the cluster convert commit command is given, the conversion is finalized. There is no rollback to NetWare.

    The cluster convert commit command generates or regenerates the cluster resource templates that are included with Novell Cluster Services for Linux. In addition to generating Linux cluster resource templates, this command deletes all NetWare cluster resource templates that have the same name as Linux cluster resource templates.

    The cluster resource templates are automatically created when you create a new Linux cluster, but are not created when you convert an existing NetWare cluster to Linux.

  6. Update the cluster configuration on all nodes by running the cluster configuration daemon. Enter the following command as the root user on every node in the cluster:

    /opt/novell/ncs/bin/ncs-configd.py -init

    This removes the NetWare nodes from the list of nodes in the cluster so they are not displayed in iManager.