31.3 Migration Procedure

  1. Copy the following files from the source SLP server to the target server:

    • /etc/slp.conf

    • /etc/slp.reg.d/slpd/DABackup

    NOTE:The /etc/slp.reg.d/slpd/DABackup file will only be present in the source server if the net.slp.isDABackup parameter is set to true in the /etc/slp.conf file.

  2. The following steps are needed only if the IP address of the target server is different from the IP address of the source server.

    1. If the SLP agent has been configured to listen on only selected interfaces in the /etc/slp.conf file, then after copying the configuration file to the target server, in the net.slp.interfaces section include the IP address of the target system.

    2. If DHCP is used in the network to advertise SLP Agent addresses to clients, then the dhcpd.conf file must be updated with IP address of the new system.

    3. If the SLP clients are configured to contact SLP agents through configuration files or by providing SLP Agent IP address in the Novell Client, then the changes should be manually updated on the clients.

  3. Stop the SLP service on the source SLP DA by executing the following command:

    rcstop slpd

  4. Reboot the target SLP server.