21.0 Web Services

The Web and application services in Open Enterprise Server 11 SP3 support the creation and deployment of Web sites and Web applications that leverage the widespread availability of Internet-based protocols and tools.

With the proper Web components in place, a server can host dynamic Web sites where the content changes according to selections made by the user. You can also run any of the hundreds of free Web applications that can be downloaded from the Internet. Web and application services make it easy to build your own dynamic Web content and create customized Web database applications.

See the OES 11 SP3: Web Services and Applications Guide and the topics in Web Services in the OES online documentation.


OES 11 includes Apache 2.2, the most popular Web server on the Internet.

For additional information, see the Apache.org Web site.


OES 11 includes Tomcat 6.0, which is used to run basic Java servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) applications.

For information, see the Apache Tomcat 6.0 Web site.