OES 2 SP3: Domain Services for Windows Administration Guide

  OES 2 SP3: Domain Services for Windows Administration Guide
    Overview of DSfW
      Features and Benefits
      Architectural Overview
      Basic Directory Services Concepts
      Key Differences Between the DSfW LDAP Server and the eDirectory Server
    What’s New
      What’s New (OES 2 SP3 April 2013 Patches)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP3 November 2012 Patches)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP3 August 2011Patch)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP3)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP2)
      Authenticating to Applications That Require Active Directory-Style Authentication
      Working With Windows Systems Without Novell Client
      Leveraging an Existing eDirectory Setup
      Interoperability Between Active Directory and eDirectory
    Deployment Scenarios
      Deploying DSfW in a Non-Name-Mapped Setup
      Deploying DSfW in a Name-Mapped Setup
    Planning for DSfW
      Server Requirements for Installing DSfW
      Scalability Guidelines
      Deciding between Name-Mapped and Non-Name-Mapped Installation
      Extending a Domain Boundary in a Name-Mapped Installation
      Meeting the Installation Requirements
      Supported Installation Scenarios
      Unsupported Service Combinations
      Windows Version Support
      Administrative Tools
      Utilities Not Supported in DSfW
      Restrictions with Domain Names
      Enabling Universal Password Policy for DSfW
    Installing Domain Services for Windows
      Prerequisites for Installation
      Installation Scenarios
      Using a Container Admin to Install and Configure DSfW
    Provisioning Domain Services for Windows
      What Is Provisioning?
      Features and Capabilities of the Provisioning Wizard
      Provisioning Wizard Interface
      Using the Wizard to Provision the DSfW Server
      Provisioning Tasks
      Provisioning Tasks for Name-Mapped and Non-Name-Mapped Scenarios
      Executing Provisioning Tasks Manually
    Activities After DSfW Installation or Provisioning
      Verifying the Installation
      Renaming Administrator Details Using MMC
      Extending the Domain Post Provisioning
    Upgrading DSfW
      Upgrading DSfW to OES 2 SP3
      Upgrading from OES 1.0 Linux
      Migrating Data to a Domain Services for Windows Server
    Running Domain Services for Windows in a Virtualized Environment
    Logging In from a Windows Workstation
      Joining a Windows Workstation to a DSfW Domain
      Logging In to a DSfW Domain
      Logging Out
    Creating Users
      Creating Users in iManager
      Creating Users in MMC
      Moving Users Associated with Password Policies
    Understanding DNS in Relation to DSfW
      DSfW and DNS
      Understanding DNS Settings in the DSfW Environment
      Setting Up a Windows DNS Server for DSfW
      Migrating DNS to Another Domain Controller
      Restarting DNS
    Managing Group Policy Settings
      Configuring Group Policies
      Group Policy Objects
    Managing Trust Relationships in Domain Services for Windows
      What is a Trust?
      Cross-Forest Trust Relationships
      Limitations with Cross-Forest Trust
    Providing Access to Server Data
      Accessing Files by Using Native Windows Methods
      Accessing Files by Using the Novell Client for Windows
      Accessing Files in Another Domain
    Printing in the Domain Services for Windows Environment
      Setting Up iPrint
      Special Handling for iPrint on DSfW
      iPrint Clustering in a DSfW Environment
    Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) Roles
      FSMO Roles and Limitations
      Transferring and Seizing FSMO Roles
      Troubleshooting DSfW
      Error Messages in Log Files
      iPrint Issues
      Novell SecureLogin Issues
      Group Policy Management Issues
    Executing Provisioning Tasks Manually
      Exporting Passwords
      Provisioning Tasks
      Schema Objects
      Extending the Third-Party Schema
      Changing the PAS Status of an Attribute
    Understanding DSfW in Relation to IDM and Samba
      Understanding DSfW in Relation to Samba
      Understanding DSfW in Relation to IDM
    Network Ports Used by DSfW
    Documentation Updates
    Legal Notices