1.0 Overview of Archive and Version Services

Novell Archive and Version Services 2.1 for Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Support Pack 3 (OES 2 SP3) server provides a convenient and cost-effective way for individual users to instantly restore previous versions of modified, renamed, or deleted network files. It helps to minimize the user’s unproductive time and frees you to focus on other critical IT issues. The user simply views a list of previous interval-based versions of source files, selects the file needed, then recovers it. The user can recover any of the available versions. If users work in a collaborative environment, a user can determine which version to choose based on who modified a document and when.

Archive and Version Services is available to archive user network files that are stored on Novell Storage Services volumes on OES 2 SP3 Linux servers.

This section discusses the following: