12.16 Deleting NSS Pool Cluster Resources

Ensure that you offline the cluster resource before attempting to delete either the cluster resource or the clustered pool. For example, if you want to unshare a pool, offline the cluster resource for the pool before you mark the pool or the device as Not Shareable for Clustering, then you can delete the eDirectory object for the cluster resource.

WARNING:If you attempt to delete a cluster resource without first offlining it, deletion errors occur, and the data associated with the clustered pool is not recoverable.

All resource configuration must happen from the master node. On the Cluster Options page for Novell iManager, connect to the Cluster object, not to Cluster Node objects. On the Storage > Pools page for iManager, connect to the master node. Run NSSMU only on the master node.

For information, see Section 10.14, Deleting Cluster Resources.