10.13 Renaming a Cluster Resource

Beginning in OES 2 SP3, a cluster rename option is available that allows you to rename a cluster resource. Renaming the resource does not modify the virtual server name (the NCS:NCP Server object).

Your setup must meet the following prerequisites:

To rename the cluster resource:

  1. Log in to the master node in the cluster as the root user, and open a terminal console.

  2. Offline the cluster resource that you want to rename by entering

    cluster offline resource_name

    For example:

    cluster offline POOL1_SERVER
  3. Rename the cluster resource by entering

    cluster rename <resource_name> <new_resource_name>

    For example:

    cluster rename POOL1_SERVER customized_name22
  4. Online the cluster resource by entering

    cluster online new_resource_name

    For example:

    cluster online customized_name22