7.3 Converting the Apache Cluster Resource

Before you convert the Apache Cluster Resource to run on Linux servers, ensure that your servers meet the Prerequisites for Reusing NetWare Apache Cluster Resources on Linux.

  1. Configure the virtual hosts for your personalized Web sites on each Linux node in the cluster as described in Section 7.2, Using Apache HTTP Server on OES Servers.

  2. In iManager, offline the NSS pool cluster resource from a NetWare node.

  3. In iManager, modify the load and unload scripts to remove the Apache start and stop commands.

  4. In iManager, cluster migrate the cluster resource to a Linux node. The new load script applies when the resource loads.

  5. Offline the Apache cluster resource.

    Leave the resource offline until all Linux nodes have been added and the cluster conversion has been finalized.

  6. In iManager, set up the preferred nodes for the Apache cluster resource to include only Linux nodes in the cluster.

  7. Finalize the steps to complete the cluster conversion, then commit the conversion.

  8. Online the Apache cluster resource.

    cluster online <resource_name> [node_name]
  9. In a Web browser, access your Web site to ensure that the files are available.

    If you get permission errors, check the following:

    • The user wwwrun should be set as a file system trustee of the directory that is used as the DocumentRoot for the Web site. Assign Read and File Scan rights to the trustee.

    • The user wwwrun should be set as the file owner of the Web content.

    For information, see Section 7.2.7, Configuring Permissions for the Web Site DocumentRoot Directory.

  10. Cluster migrate the resource to each node in the cluster in turn, and access the Web site from a Web browser to ensure the site is accessible from each of its preferred nodes.

  11. Cluster migrate the resource to its most preferred node.