11.2 Adding a Linux Server as a Replica Site

Use this method if you want to use a different shared disk for the VLDB on Linux. You can do this by adding a DFS replica site on Linux.

  1. Install OES 2 Linux on the server that you want to add to the cluster. Ensure that Novell Storage Services and any of its dependent services are installed.

  2. Assign the node’s nssadmin user as a trustee of the container that is configured as the Management Context for the VLDB, and give the user at least the Read and Compare rights to the [All Attribute Rights] property.

    IMPORTANT:If the Management Context is configured to use the container that contains a node’s Server object, the nssadmin User object for that server is a already a trustee of the container and has the Supervisor right. Do not modify the existing rights settings for this nssadmin User object when you add rights for the [All Attribute Rights] property.

    1. In iManager, select Rights > Modify Trustees.

    2. Select the container that is configured as the Management Context, then click OK.

    3. Click Add Trustee, select the nssadmin User object, then click OK.

      The nssadmin User object is in the same container as its server. The user name format is servnameadmin.context. For example, if the server name is server1.ou1.mycompany, then server1admin.ou1.mycompany is the nssadmin user name.

    4. Click Assigned Rights for the selected nssadmin User object.

    5. Assign the Read and Compare rights to the [All Attribute Rights] property, then click Done.

    6. Click Apply to save and apply the changes.

  3. Create a shared NSS pool and volume on the OES 2 Linux server, or create a shared Linux POSIX volume.

  4. In iManager, add the Linux server as the second VLDB replica site for the DFS management context, and point to the shared NSS volume as the VLDB location.

  5. Allow the VLDB data to synchronize between the NetWare replica and the Linux replica.

  6. In iManager, remove the NetWare instance of the replica site.

  7. Add the Linux server to the mixed-node NetWare cluster.

  8. Continue with the cluster conversion as described in Section 5.1, Converting NetWare Cluster Nodes to OES 2 Linux (Rolling Cluster Conversion).