12.3 Migrating the DHCP Configuration from NetWare to Linux Clusters in the Same Tree

In this scenario, both the NetWare server and the OES 2 Linux server are in the same eDirectory tree. The NetWare source server must be running NetWare 5.1 SP8 or later versions. The Linux target server must be running OES 2 SP1 (or later) Linux on either 32-bit or 64-bit hardware.

Run the DHCP function in the Migration Tool from one of the OES 2 Linux nodes. Perform the Tree Level Migration with the same Source server (tree to which NetWare clustered nodes are attached) and Target server (tree to which the Linux clustered nodes are attached). This ensures that the entire NetWare DHCP configuration data is available for OES 2 Linux DHCP.

For information, see Migrating DHCP in the OES 2 SP3: Migration Tool Administration Guide, and follow the instructions for NetWare and Linux in the same eDirectory tree.

IMPORTANT:Before starting the DHCP server on the Linux cluster, stop the DHCP server on the NetWare cluster.