1.1 How NetStorage Works

NetStorage is installed on one Linux server that acts as a Middle Tier (also known as XTier) server. Middle Tier server configuration information is stored in an XML file on the Linux server. Novell iManager provides an easy method for changing Middle Tier configuration. XTier is the Novell Web services framework and is used by various Novell products.

NOTE:Previous versions of NetStorage were administered with the NSAdmin utility. Configuration should now be done through Novell iManager.

After the Middle Tier server is set up, it appears as an Internet Web server to users and can be accessed either with a Web browser or with Microsoft Web Folders. NetStorage also includes a gadget that provides access through Novell exteNd Director 4.1 Standard Edition.

Figure 1-1 Middle Tier Server

The Middle Tier server communicates with the NetWare or Linux servers in the network and provides secure authentication using eDirectory and the users’ usernames and passwords.

All transactions can also be encrypted by using SSL to increase the security.

NOTE:Although SSL can be used to encrypt transactions, no server authentication is performed.

For specific information on how login scripts are processed by NetStorage, see Setting Up Login Scripts in the Novell Client 4.91 SP5 for Windows XP/2003 Installation and Administration Guide.