6.5 Purging and Salvaging Deleted NSS Files

Using NetStorage, you can purge and possibly undelete NSS files that were previously deleted if either of the following is true:

IMPORTANT:To perform undelete and purge operation, you must ensure the following on the target OES server where these operations are being performed:

  • The eDiretcory users must be LUM-enabled. For more informaton, see Using Novell iManager to Manage Linux User Management.

  • Admin volume must be exposed through NCP server.

  • The Salvage attribute has been enabled on the NSS volumes; otherwise, deleted files are not available to undelete or purge.

  1. Access NetStorage and, in the left column, select the directory where the deleted files were.

  2. Click View and then Show Deleted Files.

  3. Select the boxes next to the files you want to undelete or purge.

  4. Click File, then click either Purge or Undelete.