2.3 August 2011 Patch release

With the release of the August 2011 patches for OES 2 SP3, the base platform has been upgraded to SLES 10 SP4.

SLES 10 SP4 support is enabled by updating OES 2 SP3 servers with the move-to-sles10-sp4 patch. Novell encourages customers to update to this latest set of patches. For more information, see Updating (Patching) an OES 2 SP3 Server in the OES 2 SP3: Installation Guide.

SLES 10 SP4 is considered a lower-risk update that contains a set of consolidated bug fixes and support for newer hardware. It does not impact the kernel ABI or third-party certifications.

With the release of the August 2011 patches, OES 2 SP2 customers who upgrade to OES 2 SP3 via the move-to patch will receive the SLES 10 SP4 updates. New installations of OES 2 SP3, migrations to OES 2 SP3, and down-server upgrades to OES 2 SP3, should all be performed using SLES 10 SP4 media.