A.7 NetBios Name for Samba Is Limited to 15 Characters in Length

When you install Novell Samba, the NetBios name for the Samba server defaults to the DNS hostname with “-W” appended to it. For example, if you specify the hostname of server1 during the OES Linux installation, the NetBios name assigned to the Samba server is server1-W.

Because the length of the NetBios name for Samba is limited to 15 characters, you must ensure that the DNS hostname you specify is no longer than 13 characters. This allows the “-W” to be appended and still be within the 15 character limit for the NetBios name.

If your DNS hostname is longer than 13 characters, the NetBios name is truncated and iManager will not be able to find the Samba server and other Samba-related objects.

You can change the NetBios name by editing the smb.conf file. However, if you do this, you must delete the Samba-related eDirectory objects and rerun the Novell Samba configuration.