3.7 Finishing the Installation

The installation concludes with the following steps:

  1. User Authentication Method

  2. Clean Up

  3. Release Notes

  4. Hardware Configuration

After a successful configuration, YaST shows the Installation Completed dialog box. Do the following:

  1. (Optional) Select whether to clone your newly installed system for AutoYaST. To clone your system, select Clone This System for AutoYaST.

    The profile of the current system is stored in /root/autoinst.xml. Cloning is selected by default.

    AutoYaST is a system for automatically installing one or more SUSE Linux Enterprise systems without user intervention. AutoYaST installations are performed by using a control file with installation and configuration data. For detailed information, see Section 8.0, Using AutoYaST to Install and Configure Multiple OES Servers.

  2. Finish the installation by clicking Finish in the Installation Completed page.

  3. After the server reboots, continue with Section 3.8, Verifying That the Installation Was Successful.