5.0 Troubleshooting Print System Errors

Using the iPrint Manager Health Monitor, you can determine and resolve many printing problems. This section discusses how to troubleshoot print system errors. The following flowcharts show you the basic steps you can do to quickly determine errors.

Most printer problems can be identified or localized by answering the following questions. If any answer is No, follow the link to the correct troubleshooting section.

Figure 5-1 Flowchart for Troubleshooting

Flowchart Target

Section Reference

Print Manager

Section 5.1, Is the iPrint Manager healthy?


Section 5.2, Is the physical printer reporting errors?


Section 5.3, Are print jobs being received by the iPrint Manager?


Section 5.4, Are jobs being sent from the iPrint Manager to the printer?


Section 5.5, Is the job printing correctly?

Issues not resolved by using this process might require technical support from the printer vendor or from NovellĀ®, Inc.