B.0 Novell Remote Manager Packages

The following table lists the packages that are installed when the Novell Remote Manage pattern is installed on an OES 2 Linux server.

Table B-1 Packages Contained in the Novell Remote Manager Pattern

Package (RPM)




A set of CIM providers to facilitate the management of Linux User Management, which is a plug-in to PAM.


Novell Remote Manager, Web-based Linux machine management, and control interface.

Contains all the binaries and necessary components for Novell Remote Manager.


A set of CIM providers that allow system services to be instrumented through a service description XML document.

The XML service provider is essentially an XML framework that provides CIM instrumentation for system services. The providers that provide this framework run within the OpenWBEM CIMOM environment.

This XML Service provider is a CIM provider that runs within the OpenWBEM CIMOM environment. It provides objects that represent services through the CIM interface, based on XML documents that describe the service. It also provides health information for the services by consuming the output of a command line that is specified in the service description XML document.

The Novell Remote Manager pattern is selected for installation whenever any other OES 2 Linux pattern is selected for Linux installation. It is required only by packages installed with the Novell NCP Server/Dynamic Storage Technology.