19.4 Post-Migration Procedure

  1. Before restarting the Archive server, ensure the following:

    • Migration of the Archive volume is successful.

    • (Optional) Migration of Primary volume is successful. In the ArkConfig.xml file under the job tag, ensure that the server name and context reflect the configuration details of the target machine.

    • The migrated data from the volumes and database is consistent.

    • Edit ArkConfig.xml to update the Archive volume path under archivePath tag on the OES 2 SP3 Linux server.

    • Ensure that the admin is a part of the novlxtier group. For more information, refer to Caveats on Upgrading from OES 1 to OES 2 SP1 in the OES 2 SP3: Novell Archive and Version Services 2.1 Administration Guide for Linux.

    • Ensure that the admin is LUM-enabled on the target server running Archive and Version Services.

    • Ensure that the read only attribute is not set on the ARK volume.

      To check if the ARK volume has the read only attribute, enter attrib /media/nss/ARK. The output of the above command includes the read only (ro) attribute.

      To delete the read only attribute, enter attrib -c ro /media/nss/ARK

  2. To restart the Archive Service on OES 2 SP3 Linux server, enter:

    rcnovell-ark start

19.4.1 Verifying Migration

To verify that migration completed successfully, check the availability of file versions by using the NSS File Version Utility.