10.4 Select the Source and Target Server and the Migration Type

Specify the credentials to authenticate the source server and target server.

  1. Specify the source credentials, then click OK.

    If the Is Cluster Resource option is selected, Transfer ID scenario is not available.

  2. Specify the target server credentials, then click OK.

    On successful authentication, both the servers change to green.

  3. Select the migration type as Transfer ID.

  4. You can either migrate all the services to an OES 2 SP3 server and then transfer the NetWare or OES server’s identity, or only transfer NetWare or OES server’s identity to an OES 2 SP3 server.

    1. To migrate services, continue with Section 10.5, Configure the Services and Run Migration.

    2. To transfer only the NetWare server’s identity, click the Start button.

      1. Click Yes to perform identity transfer without migrating the services.

      2. Click No to configure and migrate services, refer to Section 10.5, Configure the Services and Run Migration.