17.0 DNS-DSfW Integration

Novell Domain Services for Windows (DSfW), a component of Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 SP3, creates seamless cross-authentication capabilities between Windows/Active Directory and Novell OES 2 Linux/eDirectory servers. This suite of technologies allows Novell customers with Windows networking environments to set up one or more “virtual” Active Directory domains in an eDirectory tree. Users can then log in and authenticate to both eDirectory and Active Directory from a Windows workstation without requiring multiple logins or having the Novell Client for Windows installed.

These technologies also enable the user to access Novell File and Print services without a Novell Client on their windows workstations. Administrators can use Novell iManager or Microsoft management consoles to manage users and groups in the directory.

Active Directory implementation is based on domain naming standards. Service registration and queries are processed through a DNS server. Microsoft integrates its own directory-based DNS, and DHCP services Active Directory deployments.

In DSfW, bind was used as the DNS server. With DNS-DSfW integration, bind is replaced by novell-bind to be used as the DNS server in OES 2 SP3.

As a part of this integration, the following changes are observed in the installation scenarios:

IMPORTANT:In a Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) environment, if the services persist difficulties, then the novell-named, ntpd, and nscd AppArmor profiles should be loaded in complain mode.