13.5 Changing Proxy Users

With the OES 2 SP2 update, credentials are stored either in CASA or in the Local File. When the eDirectory credentials of the DNS proxy user change, the CASA or the local file (a file used on the local system) must be updated with these changes.

Changing Credentials in CASA

If the credentials are stored in CASA, the credentials must be updated in the CASA storage of both the root user and the named user. This is done by using CASAcli or dns-inst/dns-maint.

Changing Credentials in the Local File

If credentials are stored in the local file, then the credentials are updated using the dns-inst or the dns-maint utility. Use the following syntax:

dns-inst <Credential storage (0->file, 1->CASA)>


dns-maint <Credential storage (0->file, 1->CASA)>

For more information, see Section A.5, DNS Server Configuration Utility and Section A.6, DNS Server Maintenance Utility.