7.11 LUM Cache Refresh No Longer Persistent

In reponse to customer requests for improved LDAP performance, persistent searching for new Linux-enabled users and groups has been disabled in OES 2 SP3. This means that when a user or group is enabled for Linux access, it is not immediately listed in some of the interfaces, such as the GUI file browser.

For most installations this is not an issue. However, persistent searching can be turned on by editing the /etc/nam.conf file and changing the persistent-search parameter from no to yes.

Alternatively, you can shorten the LUM cache refresh period (default is 8 hours). You can adjust the refresh period by editing the persistent-cache-refresh-period parameter in the /etc/nam.conf file and restarting LUM using the rcnamcd restart command.

You can also refresh the cache immediately by using the namconfig cache_refresh command.

For more information, see What’s New in the OES 2 SP3: Novell Linux User Management Administration Guide.