B.3 Changing the Server’s Address Configuration

  1. Log into the server you are reconfiguring as the root user.

  2. Download and save the ipchangesp3.sh script file to the root (/) partition of the server you are reconfiguring.

  3. Open the YaST Control Center.

  4. In Network Devices select Network Card.

  5. Confirm that the Old IP address you listed in Section B.2.1, General is in fact the IP address currently configured for the network card. You need this later in the process.

  6. Using the various dialog boxes associated with the network card configuration, change the card configuration to the new IP address settings you listed in Section B.2.1, General, changing each of the following as necessary:

    • IP Address

    • Subnet Mask

    • Router (Gateway)

  7. Close YaST, then continue with Section B.4, Reconfiguring the OES Services.